Annual recertification programme for dentists and dental specialists

We are coming to the end of the next annual recertification cycle for dentists and dental specialists.

At the end of the cycle, Council will review the information provided by practitioners and peers to assess and respond to any non-compliance. Sometimes we will ask you or your peer for more information during this process.

Professional peers

In August, professional peers will receive an online questionnaire. This will ask them to confirm the practitioner has engaged in the recertification programme throughout the year.


From September, practitioners will need to complete their ‘practising intentions renewal’ form. This is where you declare if you have complied with the recertification programme.

Now is a good time to ensure you’ve completed all the requirements of the programme, including checking in with your professional peer.

If you’ve changed your peer or have not recorded your peer in the system, please do so immediately using our online services.  

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