Pathway 2 to register as an orthodontic auxiliary

To register using pathway 2, you need a Certificate of Orthodontic Assisting, New Zealand Association of Orthodontists: Orthodontic Auxiliary Training Programme. To complete pathway 2 you need to follow the three steps described below.

Step 1: Contact the New Zealand Association of Orthodontists to determine eligibility for training

To find out whether you are eligible to enrol in the programme, please contact the New Zealand Association of Orthodontists (NZAO).  One of the entry criteria to the programme is  only trainees of an employing specialist orthodontist who is a member of NZAO can enter the programme.

Step 2: Obtain the qualification

Complete the training programme through NZAO, the accredited provider. Once you have obtained the qualification, you are eligible to apply for registration. Details of the programme can be obtained from the NZAO office

Step 3: Apply to be registered

You can start your application process by using our online tool  to assess which registration pathways are available for you.

When you complete the self assessment and select your registration pathway, you will be directed to provide the information we need to create your online account.

We will then send you an email with a link and instructions for activating your online account. 

You will need to submit certified copies of some supporting documents with your registration application. Refer to our guides for supporting documents you may need to submit and certifying your documents.

When you apply for registration, we will ask you about your practising intentions – that is, whether you intend to:

  • practise in New Zealand and apply for an annual practising certificate (APC)
  • not practise immediately but want your name retained on the register.

You will be asked to pay your registration fee at the time you complete your application for registration. If your registration application is successful, we will email you with an invoice to pay for your annual practising or non-practising fees

Please note you can only lawfully practise in New Zealand if you hold a current APC.

If we do not receive valid documents to complete your application, it will be withdrawn and an administration fee may be deducted. You will then need to resubmit your application.