Resources for the examination

Resources for preparing for the examination

The following references are available at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) North Shore Campus Library - they are available for reference only (you cannot borrow them). You will be granted access to these texts during opening hours.

If you are not located in Auckland, you can contact your local hospital about access to the dental books held in their medical library.

In addition, you can check if your local library can access books through interloan. For more information about interloan refer to You can also contact the interloans team through email: or phone (09) 921 9999 ext 8662.

It is your responsibility to make any arrangements regarding the borrowing and return of books.

If you are located overseas and do not have access to these libraries, you may be able to find these resources online or at your local libraries. 

North Shore Campus Library
AL Building
90 Akoranga Drive
North Shore City 6027
Tel: 09 921 9999 ext 7701

Opening Times:
Monday to Friday 8am - 10pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am - 6pm 

Recommended reading

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  • Bowen D. M. Pieren J. A. & Darby M. L. (2019). Darby and walsh dental hygiene: theory and practice (Fifth). Elsevier.
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Other resources

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