New Zealand Dentist Registration Examination (NZDREX)

NZDREX candidates must pass the National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB) Equivalency Process, Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge, Assessment of Clinical Judgement and Assessment of Clinical Skills (equivalency process). 

The equivalency process comprises the following three components:

  • an assessment of your fundamental knowledge (AFK)
  • an assessment of your clinical judgement (ACJ)
  • an assessment of your clinical skills (NDECC*). 

 * Previously referred to as ACS

You can attempt the AFK and ACJ components a maximum of three times. The NDECC can be taken an unlimited number of times within a 60 month period. There is no overall time limit to complete the NDEB equivalency process.

Please note, the NDEB website also refers to Written Examination and OSCE examinations. These examinations are only required if you want to be certified for registration and to practise in Canada. 

What must I do with the Dental Council when I enter the NDEB equivalency process?

If you decide to enter the NZDREX pathway by enrolling in the NDEB equivalency process you do not need to advise us or complete any application forms with us. 

Just follow all the processes required by NDEB, and once you have successfully completed the equivalency process (i.e. passed the AFK, ACJ and ACS) and received the necessary confirmation from the NDEB, you will have gained NZDREX.

How do I register once I have passed the NDEB equivalency process?

In addition to passing the NZDREX requirements, to register in New Zealand you must also meet the fitness for registration requirements

We strongly suggest you read these requirements before you start the NZDREX process.  If we do not consider you are fit for registration, we will not register you, even if you have passed the NDEB assessments.

You can apply for registration using our online services. Start your application by working through the online tool to direct you to the correct form for your application.


When you apply for registration, we will ask you about your practising intentions – that is, whether you intend to:

  • practise in New Zealand and apply for an annual practising certificate (APC)
  • not practise immediately but want your name retained on the register.

You will be asked to pay your registration fee at the time you complete your application for registration. If your registration application is successful, we will email you with an invoice to pay for your annual practising or non-practising.

Please note you can only lawfully practise in New Zealand if you hold a current APC.

If you decide to withdraw your application, an administration fee may be deducted.