Register in another scope of practice

You can use our online services to apply for registration in another scope.

If you are already registered with the Dental Council, and want to register in another scope of practice, various registration pathways are available depending on your qualification. For example, you may wish to register as a dental specialist after completing your postgraduate qualification.

Follow the links below for information about starting your application to register in another scope:

If you are not sure which registration pathway to follow, use the registration pathway self-assessment tool to guide you on a possible registration pathway, based on your qualification.

You must not practise outside your scope of practice

Obtaining the qualification in itself does not allow you to perform those activities.  You must first be registered in the relevant scope of practice, and have an annual practising certificate before you can practise.  

Once registered in a scope of practice, you must not practise outside the scope of practice in which you are registered [section 8 of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003].