Free flu vaccines available for health and disability workers

The following update is a message from the Ministry of Health. 

The Ministry is encouraging all health and disability sector employees to get immunised against flu (influenza) to protect themselves and their patients. 

This year, in the context of the borders re-opening and the continued threat of COVID-19, the Ministry is aiming for at least 80% of the health sector workforce to be vaccinated against influenza. 

Reimbursement for flu vaccines 

To support health and disability workers NOT employed by DHBs, the Ministry will reimburse employers the costs associated with vaccinating their patient- and client-facing employees. 

In the context of oral health practice, this offer includes all oral health practitioners and their staff who interact face-to-face with patients or the public.

Applications for flu vaccination reimbursement will be processed between 1 May 2022 and 30 September 2022. Guidance on applying for a reimbursement can be found here. 

Note: If you are employed by a DHB, they have established processes to vaccinate their staff against influenza, and the cost of this is factored into their existing budgets.