Apply for registration

Apply for registration

If you pass the examination for the New Zealand Dental Technology Registration Examination (NZDTechREX), you will be eligible to apply for registration. We will email you to let you know how to proceed with your application.

Validity of documents

The following documents must be valid at the time of applying for registration:

  • your certificate of good standing - valid for a period of three months
  • an original typed and signed laboratory report with Hepatitis C and HIV serological status; and evidence of Hepatitis B immunity, or HBV serological status*
  • your English language results - a pass in an English test is only valid for two years
  • any overseas registration certificate, if this has an expiry date.

*Please note that the report must be less than three months old at the time of receipt.   The only exception to this is that past evidence of hepatitis B immunity (absence of surface antigen with a surface antibody of ≥ 10 IU/L), from a laboratory listed above, will be accepted.

If any of these documents are no longer valid, you will be required to provide a new copy with your registration application.