Retain your registration

You can now apply to retain your registration online.

Retain registration while not practising

You can elect to be retained on the register while not practising in Aotearoa New Zealand. Remaining on the register is recommended if you intend to return to practise here in the future. 

To change your practising status to non-practising, you need to select the relevant option in your annual practising intentions renewal form, and pay the annual non-practising fee.

Or, if your intentions change mid-practising cycle, you can email the registration team and ask for your practising status to be updated.

Please note that you need to complete a practising intentions renewal form every cycle year, whether you are non-practising or your intentions have changed from the last cycle year.

Recertification programme 

If you do not hold a current annual practising certificate (APC) for your scope/s of practice, you are not required to participate in the recertification programme. However, the Council strongly encourages practitioners to complete the programme. Completing the annual requirements of the recertification programme is a way of demonstrating that you have maintained your competence to practise; which is a requirement for granting a practising certificate.

The recertification programme is designed to be flexible, so you can adapt it to suit your own professional development needs even when you are not practising in New Zealand and adapt your learning activities as required.

You are also encouraged to read our practitioner update emails, which include important information on changes to regulatory requirements such as updates to practice standards, recertification etc.

Applying for an APC after retention

When you next apply for a practising certificate you will be required to;

  1. declare whether or not you have maintained your competence to practise; and
  2. register a professional peer with the Council before submitting your APC application.

If you have not practised in New Zealand for three or more years, the recency of practice policy will apply and you will need to demonstrate to the Council how you have maintained your competence to practise.

The Council will consider your application at one of its monthly meetings and will only be able to grant you a practising certificate if you meet the required standard of competence.