Retain your registration

You can now apply to retain your registration online.

Retain registration while not practising

Do you intend to not practise in New Zealand for a while, but want to return at some later stage?

If you elect to be retained on the Register while not practising, you do not have to give up your registration or continue to pay annual practising certificate (APC) fees. 

You can elect to be retained on the Register when you complete your APC renewal form. Use our online services to tell us your practising intentions and pay the annual retention fee.

Maintain continuing professional development and other recertification requirements

You must continue to keep up your recertification requirements such as your continuing professional development hours and peer contact activities. This is very important if you are not likely to practise for a period of 3 years or more.

Recency of practice

If you have not held an APC in New Zealand or practised in another country within the last 3 years, you must satisfy the Council that you meet the required standards of competence before you can be issued with an APC.

In such cases, the Council will individually consider your APC application. Where we are not satisfied that you meet the required standard of competence, we may propose to decline your application or to include or vary conditions on your scope of practice. 

If you are planning to go on retention for an extended period, we strongly advise you to read the Council’s Recency of practice policy