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August 2020

10 August 2020

Outcome from joint Australia and New Zealand accreditation standards consultation

The Dental Council New Zealand and Dental Board of Australia approved updates to the joint Australian Dental Council (ADC)/Dental Council (New Zealand) Accreditation standards for dental practitioner programs (the new standards). The new standards will come into effect on 1 January 2021 and are available for download here[/assets/Uploads/Accreditation-standards/ADC-DCNZ-Accreditation-standards-for-dental-practitioner-programs-FINAL-Jan2021.pdf]. Further details are available in the outcome letter[/assets/Uploads/Consultations/2020/Acceditation-standards/Accreditation-Standards-Review-Outcome-10Aug20.pdf]. A report[/assets/Uploads/Consultations/2020/Acceditation-standards/Report-of-the-consultion-on-proposed-changes-to-the-accreditation-standards-May-2020-FINAL.pdf] is also available detailing the consultation process and the feedback received. The submissions from New Zealand and Australia are also available.

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July 2020

14 July 2020

Submission on the draft terms of reference and standards for RA performance reviews

The Dental Council submitted jointly with the Medical Council, Nursing Council and Pharmacy Council a response to the Ministry of Health's draft terms of reference and standards for the responsible authorities' performance reviews. The submission can be read here[/assets/Uploads/Publications/Submissions/Submission-on-the-draft-TOR-and-Standards-for-RA-performance-25-June-2020.pdf].

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3 July 2020

Further updates to joint alert level 1 guidelines

On 25 June the Ministry of Health issued updated risk assessment criteria for patients with unknown COVID-19 status during alert level 1. The joint guidelines for oral health services at alert level 1 has been further updated to reflect these changes. Please note, this is a second update to the guidelines. Further details on the changes and the updated guidelines can be accessed here.[/covid-19/latest-update-on-covid-19/]

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