Apply for a certificate of good standing

If you wish to register in another country, or you are planning to study in another country, you will probably be required to submit a certificate of good standing. This certificate is evidence of your registration and practising status, and your standing with us.

You can request a certificate of good standing using our online services.

Apply for a certificate of good standing

You are entitled to a certificate of good standing only if you are registered and currently hold an annual practising certificate. The certificate of good standing shows that there is no legal barrier, on disciplinary, competence, criminal or health grounds, to your registration in New Zealand.

Where there is a current or intended investigation or proceeding before us or the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal, about you, we will provide you with a ‘letter of standing’. This letter gives a brief summary of the investigation or proceeding.

The application form and fee is the same as for the certificate of good standing.

To request a COGS, you will need to complete the application form online.

The application fee that must accompany the form is available here.