Upcoming professional peer confirmation for new recertification programme

The Dental Council’s new recertification programme for dentists and dental specialists registered with the Council for more than six months, started on 1 October 2021. 

Professional peers are being asked to confirm whether the practitioner they are acting as peer for, have engaged with the recertification programme.

Next week all professional peers will receive an email requesting them to complete an online confirmation form for the practitioners they are peers for. If you are a professional peer for multiple practitioners, you will receive a separate email for each. Ideally, we want professional peers to submit their confirmations before the annual practising renewal process (APC) opens on 1 September, but it must be submitted before 30 September 2022.

If you have not yet recorded your professional peer with us or have changed your peer, please update your professional peer details as a matter of urgency.  You can do so using our online services.  

In September as part of the APC renewal process, you will be asked to declare your compliance with the new recertification programme. Your peer’s responses (if submitted before the APC forms are generated) will appear on your APC form and you will make your declaration of compliance. Following the APC cycle Council will assess non-compliance or review differences between the responses from the practitioner and peer. This may result in a request for additional information.

Links to helpful resources:

Guides on how to use our online recertification services: