Payment of annual practising certificates

The annual practising certificate (APC) renewal cycle is now open for oral health therapists, dental therapists, dental hygienists, orthodontic auxiliaries, clinical dental technicians and dental technicians.  

The Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 defines an APC application as receipt of a completed application and payment of the fee. Meeting these obligations are the practitioner’s personal responsibility. This includes payment of the fee, which is the individual’s liability - as reflected by the invoice being issued to the practitioner and not to a company or organisation. 

As communicated in 2017, with the introduction of our new online application platform “bulk payments” by employers were no longer accepted.

Practitioners must submit their APC renewal form and pay their invoice before 1 April 2022 to have a valid APC. Any reimbursement arrangements are a matter between the employee and employer.