COVID-19 updates announced

The Prime Minister announced this afternoon that:

  • The COVID-19 Protection Framework ends at 11.59pm tonight, Monday 12 September
  • All mask wearing requirements are removed, except in healthcare and aged care facilities
  • Remaining government vaccine mandates will end in two weeks on 26 September.

What does this mean for oral health practitioners?

With the government’s decision to remove the COVID-19 protection framework, there is no longer a need for the Council’s COVID-19 supplementary standard. The Supplementary standard - Risk management principles for oral health during the COVID-19 pandemic is rescinded, effective from 11.59pm, Monday 12 September.

Following that, the normal infection prevention and control practice standard applies, which includes a section on transmission-based precautions (p21)—that may still be helpful to practitioners when providing care to a known COVID-19 patient.

We are aware that some practices are continuing to explore improvement of their ventilation. Although this is not mandatory, practitioners are encouraged to continue initiatives to improve air circulation and quality.  

Vaccination orders

Those practitioners who want to return to practice on 26 September 2022 with the removal of the vaccine mandates for healthcare workers, are reminded that they must hold a current annual practising certificate before they can practise.