Boosters required under changes to mandatory vaccination orders

The Government has  updated its mandatory vaccination orders to include boosters for the health and disability sector.  

Heath and disability workers must be vaccinated against COVID-19 and receive a booster vaccination by 15 February 2022. 

If you are not eligible for a booster by 15 February 2022 (because you received your final dose less than four months before 15 February 2022), you are required to receive a booster dose within six months after completing your primary course. However, the Ministry of Health recommends planning to get your booster as soon as the four months has passed.

Information about these changes are available on the Ministry website

The Ministry has also published this process map to help clarify health workers covered by the mandatory vaccination orders.   

The Dental Council is required to refer information it receives about any individual practitioners who do not comply with the mandatory vaccination orders directly to the Ministry.