Recertification programme and policy update

As previously communicated, the professions' response to the new recertification programme requirements has been overwhelmingly positive.

We have responded to practitioners’ feedback following the end of the recertification cycles and Council has determined that registered practitioners who do not hold an annual practising certificate (APC) will no longer be required to complete the recertification programme. Practitioners with a non-practising status are not delivering health services in Aotearoa New Zealand and therefore pose no risk to public safety. 

However, Council strongly encourages practitioners with a non-practising status to still complete the recertification programme. This will demonstrate maintenance of competence to practise if your intention is to return to practise in New Zealand. In addition, those who have not held an APC with us in the last three years will be required to register a professional peer with Council before making their APC application to practise in New Zealand again.

The updated recertification programme takes effect immediately.

How the changes work 

1. Those who hold an APC:

  • no change
  • the updated recertification of oral health practitioners’ policy comes into effect immediately and now only applies to APC holders
  • recertification compliance checks will only apply to APC holders.

 2. Those who do not hold an APC and intend to return to practise in New Zealand:

  • are strongly encouraged to engage in ongoing professional development and declare whether they have done so as part of the practising intentions renewal form each year 
  • will not be required to have a registered peer 
  • when applying for an APC but have not practised for more than three years, they must declare and submit evidence to demonstrate how they have maintained competence 
  • who choose to continue to engage in the recertification programme and have a peer, that peer will still receive a confirmation request to complete.

Those who do not hold an APC and have no intention of practising in New Zealand again, consider requesting removal from the register.

A reminder to practitioners holding an APC

We recognise that sometimes unforeseen events occur that makes it impossible for practising practitioners to complete their recertification programme for that year. In exceptional circumstances we will consider a request for an exemption to some or all the recertification programme requirements. 

You can submit such a request to us at detailing your scenario with related evidence to support your request. 

If you are granted an exemption, we encourage you to maintain your professional peer relationship if possible.

Thank you

Engagement and compliance with the new recertification programme has been overwhelmingly positive. 93% of registered practitioners declared they have met all the components of recertification. Council will continue random audits over the next cycle. We thank you for recognising the importance of ongoing professional development, professional peers, and the value of reflection to maintain your competence.

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Andrew Cautley