Feedback survey coming soon

The Dental Council introduced a new recertification programme, which came into effect on 1 October 2021 for dentists and dental specialists, and 1 April 2022 for all other practitioners. As part of the Council’s commitment to ongoing monitoring of the new recertification programme, we want to better understand how the programme is working for practitioners.

Because of the flexibility introduced by the new programme each practitioner will have had unique experiences, meaning that your individual feedback is key to our understanding and any improvements we may make.

It’s important you can provide honest feedback anonymously. To help the Council ensure this, we have engaged the services of external provider SenateSHJ, who will design and deliver the survey.

SenateSHJ will email practitioners from next week. 

The survey will remain open until mid-March. Once it closes, SenateSHJ will independently analyse your responses and ensure comments are anonymous.

SenateSHJ will then provide us with your feedback by the end of March, which will inform ongoing refinement of the programme.

If you have any concerns regarding the legitimacy of emails you receive in relation to Dental Council matters, please don’t hesitate to email us to check.

Andrew Cautley