Person ID number changes for some practitioners

In December 2018, the Dental Council updated its IT system and changed the primary oral health practitioner identifier from a Registration Number to a Person ID.  Oral health practitioners registered from this date were only issued with a Person ID. This identifier is printed on your Annual Practicing Certificate.

The original Registration Numbers were prefixed by letters eg, DD1234. The new Person ID is numeric eg, 5678.

The Ministry of Health uses Registration Numbers without the first two alpha characters (e.g. DD) to identify practitioners who submit claims under the Combined Dental Agreement (CDA), write prescriptions or make referrals for laboratory and pathology testing – where this applies.  

Unfortunately, many of the Person ID numbers duplicate Registration Numbers for different oral health professions, and potentially with other regulatory authority numbers if the profession (‘Dentistry’) is not correctly selected by the user.

To prevent claims, lab tests or prescriptions being attributed to the wrong practitioner the Dental Council has agreed to issue new Person IDs to those affected. The Council has been in contact with those practitioners impacted.