Prime Minister announces COVID-19 alert levels

At 3pm today the Prime Minister has announced that Auckland will remain in COVID-19 alert level 3 until 11:59pm Sunday, 30 August 2020, after which Auckland will move down to COVID-19 alert level 2.

The rest of New Zealand will also remain in COVID-19 alert level 2.

The alert level 2 settings will be reviewed on Sunday, 6th September.  

What does this mean for oral health practitioners?

If you practise in the Auckland region (Auckland Council Area):

  • After 12am, Monday 31 August 2020: oral health services can be delivered following the COVID-19 alert level 2 guidelines for oral health services. Routine dental care can commence under alert level 2. You can provide routine dental care and urgent or emergency dental care for those patients who fall into the low risk category as defined in the guidelines. You can provide only urgent or emergency care for patients who fall into the high risk category as defined in the guidelines.  

For practitioners in other parts of the country:

Changes to guidelines 

The guidelines for alert levels 1,2, & 3 have been updated to reflect the mandatory requirement to display the New Zealand COVID Tracer QR code at the entrance of the facility. These updated guidelines are available on our website.

We know that this continue to be a very stressful time for practitioners, particularly in Auckland. Please take care of yourself and your colleagues. I am sure the rest of the profession will join us in thanking you for the role you play in keeping the virus contained and preventing further community spread. 

Andrew Gray & Marie Warner

Chair & Chief Executive