Orthodontic working group report update

The Orthodontic working group was established in in response to concerns from patients, general dentists and orthodontic specialists concerning orthodontic treatment provided by general dentists.

The working group presented its findings in a report in November 2016, and the Council accepted all 12 recommendations made.

The Council has reviewed progress on the working group report recommendations and is currently addressing the final two outstanding, namely:

  • Recommendation 1 - consider developing orthodontic-specific competencies for dental graduates, using the learning outcomes and competencies provided by the University of Otago Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) programme.
  • Recommendation 5 - collaborate with the New Zealand Dental & Oral Health Therapists Association and the Clinical Directors Forum on more consistent, comprehensive and transparent information on referral options for patients and parents/carers to access orthodontic treatment, when referred by dental therapists.

The Council is working on completing recommendation 1 in early 2021. Recommendation 5 was discussed at the clinical directors (oral health) meeting on 7 December.

Patient focussed information about orthodontic treatment is available for both younger and adult patients on the Council’s website.  Practitioners are reminded to make use of these resources to help potential patients and their whānau to understand the treatment options available.