Apply for examination

Application to be assessed to sit the New Zealand Dental Technology Registration Examination (NZDTechREX)

To have your eligibility assessed to enter the NZDTechREX pathway and to sit the examination, you need to submit the following:

  • an eligibility application form
  • all the supporting documentation listed in the application form
  • the examination fee.

Please contact us for the eligibility application form.

Applying to sit the examination

We will assess your eligibility to enrol in the examination.

Application dates

In general, there will be one examination each year. The examinations timetable shows the latest schedule of examinations.

The NZDTechREX examination is held on an 'as required' basis. Recently, no examinations have been held as there was no need.

The application form and documents required

You will be required to contact us for the application form to enter the NZDTechREX pathway and to sit the written examination

You have to submit various supporting documentation with the application form and the application fee. The supporting documents relate to the assessment of your qualifications and skills, and fitness for registration matters such as character, health and communication skills.

The details of the required documents is explained in the form, with a checklist at the end to assist you to ensure that you’ve included all the necessary documents. The checklist includes reminders of time-sensitive documents to ensure that they remain valid.

Keep copies of your application form and all the accompanying documents submitted.

If you do not sit the available examination, or if you fail the examination, you will have to send us a new application form. You will also need to send any supporting documentation that has expired, and the fee to enrol for and sit the next available examination.

Getting your documents certified

We need certified copies of the majority of your supporting documents.

Your identification documents must be verified and certified by the same authorised person.

Refer to our guide for certifying your documents and verifying your identity.

Getting your documents translated

If any documents are not in English, you are required to submit an official English translation together with a certified copy of your original document.

Certificate of good standing

You are required to submit an original certificate of good standing from each Board or Council where you have been registered during the last seven years.

Certificates of good standing must be no more than three months old at the time your application is received.

English language requirement

If you require a pass in a Council approved English test to meet the English language requirement, you will need to submit your pass test results with your application form. 

Please remember:

  • results must be obtained in one sitting
  • a pass is valid for two years for new applications, or three years for those repeat examination candidates who can demonstrate that they have continuously lived and worked in a country where English is the first language.

If you are not sure about your specific English Language requirements, refer to the Policy on English language requirements.


The examination fee is payable in advance to us by all applicants sitting the examination. The fee is set at a threshold of four applicants sitting the examination, which will reduce where there are a total of five or more applicants enrolled in the examination. In this case, enrolled applicants will be refunded the difference after the registration closing date.

If you repeat the examination, you need to reapply, and pay the fee again.

Examination withdrawal fees

If you cancel your application 40 working days before the examination date, then a partial refund of the fee may be granted on a case-by-case basis for limited circumstances, including medical conditions.

If you cancel inside the 40 working days, you will forfeit your application fee. If there are exceptional circumstances, we will work with you to re-schedule your examination.