Change your details

You can advise us of changes to your details using our online services.

Change your details on the Register

As a practitioner registered to practise in New Zealand, you have a legal obligation to make sure that your name and contact details are correctly recorded on the Register. The Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 requires that you keep the Dental Council informed of your current postal, residential, and, if applicable, practice addresses.

You can change your name, address or update other contact details online.

It is very important that you keep us informed of your latest email addresses, because we communicate electronically, whenever we can, rather than by print.

Because the law requires the Register to be publicly available, we publish the Register on our website and update it daily.  It may be used by the public to verify your practising details — such as:

  • your registered scope of practice and any conditions upon it
  • whether you hold a current practising certificate
  • the contact details you have authorised us to publish.

What do I do if I have changed my name?

You must advise us if you change your name, or it is incorrectly recorded on the Register. You can do this by completing the change of name form online. You will need to provide us with satisfactory evidence such as a certified true copy of your marriage certificate or deed poll.  Officers of the Court, Notaries Public, and Justices of the Peace are authorised to certify photocopies of original documents.

Having your correct name registered

If you have settled in New Zealand from overseas, it is important to take care with the order in which your names are displayed on the Register. Confusion arises if a practitioner practises under a family name (surname) which is not the same as the name published on the Register. We can cross-reference any changes in the designated family name made to the Register.

Other names

If you practise under a common use name, instead of your legal name, your common use name should be included on the Register as an ‘other name’.