The role of the staff is to service the Council by managing the delivery of its statutory functions; implementing its strategic direction to support its mission and vision; and by managing the projects required to support its goals in the regulation of oral health in New Zealand.


The members of the staff are:


Chief Executive/Registrar

Marie MacKay

Executive Assistant/Council Secretary 

Lagi Asi 

Deputy Registrar - Protection

Andrew Gray

Deputy Registrar - Safety

Kylie Johnston

Legal Advisor

Deborah Mury

Case Manager 

Jane Wellik (Acting)

Registration and Recertification Officer   

Michelle Kendall

Regulatory Protection Officer

Andrea Knight

Prevention Manager

Suzanne Bornman 
Regulatory Officer Position currently vacant 

Corporate Services Manager 

Greg Binning

Management Accountant


Principal Advisor - Finance Jo Binns

Communications and Engagement Specialist

Libby Jeffries

IT/Data Analyst

Rafael Doronila

Business & Finance Assistant

Liza Marais

Education Director

Prof Robert Love

Strategic Advisor

Stephanie Grummitt