COVID 19 – patient information

COVID-19 patient information

COVID-19 information for the public during alert level 4 lockdown

Under COVID-19 alert level 4, dental services are limited to urgent and emergency treatment only.

The Ministry of Health and the Dental Council have issued guidelines to dentists and other oral health practitioners for providing treatment under COVID-19 alert level 4. These guidelines are in place to keep the public and the practitioners safe while community transmission of COVID-19 is occurring. 

If you require urgent or emergency dental treatment during the COVID-19 alert level 4 lockdown, you should call or email your usual dental practice and ask for advice. In most cases the practitioner should be able to assess your condition over the phone or video calls to decide whether you require urgent or emergency care, which may include managing your condition with medication alone, if considered appropriate. They will advise you of what to do next.