Consultation on recertification

We are reviewing our recertification framework because we have determined some aspects need to change if we are to have a smarter, more robust and fit for purpose framework.

We are now seeking your feedback on the discussion document, which sets out our current thinking. In July and August, we will be hosting a series of forums around the country, and two webinars. Please see here for details of these forums and webinars.

You can do this by completing an online submission survey by 30 September 2017.

More information about our review is in a new section we have created on our website.

About the online submission survey

The submission survey should take most people approximately 20 minutes to complete. The submission survey is set up so you can:

  • save your response and return to complete it at a later time, if you need to
  • print a copy for your records once you have completed your submission survey.

Please note that we will also be uploading all submission surveys to our website—so you will also be able to get a copy for your records from our recertification submissions page.

Publishing of submission surveys on the Council’s website

All submission surveys received will be published on our website shortly after receipt, and will remain there as a public document. For submission surveys made by individuals, only your name and profession, if you are a registered health practitioner, will be published on our website. All personal contact details will be removed from your submission survey.

As this is a public consultation, “in confidence” information will only be accepted under special circumstances. Please contact us before submitting material in confidence. We also reserve the right not to publish any derogatory or inflammatory submission surveys.

Please feel free to contact us at or +64 4 499 4820 if you have any further questions.