2017-18 APC and retention forms

The annual practising certificates (APCs) for dental therapists, dental hygienists, orthodontic auxiliaries, dental technicians and clinical dental technicians expire on 31 March 2017

The APC and retention forms were posted on 28 February 2017. However, if you don't receive the printed form, or you simply want to complete your renewal sooner, please use one of the PDF forms above.

Some helpful tips for your renewal process:


  • Your form will be posted to the mailing address that we have on file for you. If you are unsure which address we have, please contact us via email at inquiries@dcnz.org.nz.


  • If your employer is providing payment, please be aware that we are unable to process your application until payment has been received.
  • Please liaise with your employer to ensure that payment is received before 31 March 2017.

Certificates of Good Standing                     

  • If you have practised overseas since you were last issued with an APC, please provide an original certificate of good standing (COGS) from each jurisdiction in which you have practised since your last APC.
  • The COGS must not be more than three months old, and must be forwarded directly to our office.
  • We cannot process your APC application until all the COGS have been received.

Certificate of resuscitation and emergency care

  • If your current emergency care training certificate has expired, you will need to include confirmation of your enrolment in a course from the course provider. 
  • The new resuscitation training requirements are now in place.
  • Refer to the APC guidance notes (p14 for dental therapists, dental hygienists, orthodontic auxiliaries and clinical dental technicians; and p16 for dental technicians) for details on the new requirements.

Postal Delivery

  • Please allow enough time for delivery of your form to us before the expiry date on 31 March 2017. It is highly recommended that you submit your form by 23 March 2017 to allow for delivery to us and processing time before the expiry of your current certificate.
  • If you are paying by credit card, you can email your form: inquiries@dcnz.org.nz. Please note that as at 1 March our fax is out of order, so please do not fax your form. We are working to bring fax back online and will update this page when it is working again.

 Additional processing APC fee 

  • Remember that an additional processing APC fee of $45.00 (GST inclusive) will be charged if you are renewing your APC and we do not get your completed and correct form, and payment by 31 March 2017.   

Legal responsibility

  • The Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 requires every health practitioner practising in New Zealand to hold a current annual practising certificate. 
  • If you do not have a current APC on 1 April 2017, you must cease practise until you have a valid APC.
  • The public Register on the Dental Council website is updated on working days - you can check your APC status online here.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact us on (04) 499 4820, or email inquiries@dcnz.org.nz.