Consultation on patient records and privacy of health information practice standard

The Council has reviewed its Patient information and records practice standards, and as a result has developed an updated draft practice standard—Patient records and privacy of health information. This will replace the existing practice standards, and apply to all oral health practitioners.

The consultation document highlights the key proposals. We are now seeking your feedback on the proposals and the draft patient information and records practice standard. The Council values all feedback received during its consultation processes. The consultation process provides practitioners and others with an interest in this area with an opportunity to have their say.  All feedback received informs the Council’s view as it works towards a final decision. 

In accordance with the Council’s guidelines on consultation, we have invited comment from all practitioners, relevant associations and societies, the Ministry of Health, district health boards, educational institutions, and other organisations with an interest in this area.

The submission period closes at end of business on 11 October 2017

Publishing of submissions on the Council’s website

All submissions received will be published on the Council's website shortly after receipt, and will remain there as a public document. For submissions made by individuals, only your name and profession, if you are a registered health practitioner, will be published on the Council's website. All contact details will be removed from your submission.

As this is a public consultation, "In confidence" information will only be accepted under special circumstances. Please contact the Council before submitting this material. The Council holds the right not to publish any derogatory or inflammatory submissions.

To view the submissions received to date, please access our consultation submissions page.

Please feel free to contact the Council at or 04 499 4820 if you have any further questions.