Recertification review documents and background

On this page, you will find background information about recertification and all the documentation relating to our current review.

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Discussion document, issued June 2017

Our discussion document sets out our current thinking and is intended as the basis for our consultation. We have also developed background and supporting information which is intended to supplement the discussion document (please see below).

 A discussion document on recertifying our oral health practitioners: thinking about the future (June 2017)


Background material

The following information is intended to support our discussion document by providing further context and background information.


What is recertification?

What does the law require us to do?

Our current approach to recertification

Our 2015-2016 Strategic Plan

Our Standards Framework


Literature and research

In 2016, as part of the information gathering process, we conducted a review of New Zealand and international literature on recertification. The literature review is below. For ease of use, we have also broken down the literature review to align with specific aspects of recertification and potential areas of change identified in the discussion document. 


A literature review: Recertifying our oral health practitioners (Dental Council, 2017)


Area of change (these headings relate to the areas of change as set out in pages 11-16 in the discussion document):

One: public assurance

Two: risk based regulation - recognising risk

Three: risk identification - three lessons

Four: early interventions - factors to consider

Four: early intervention - formal and informal tools

Four: early intervention - peer review

Five: compliance - competence lessons

Five: compliance - four themes responsive regulation

Five: compliance - outcome based and CPD

Six: education - defining recertification

Six: education - what is CPD


March 2017 symposium

The Council held a symposium with key stakeholder organisations in March firstly to start our national conversation about the recertification of oral health practitioners and secondly to test the logic and thinking in our preliminary discussion document.

We invited policy-makers and representatives from DHBs and other parties with roles in health regulation, support and advocacy for oral health professions, as well as consumer advocacy.

The presentations and speaking notes from our March 2017 symposium are below, as well as a summary report of the day's proceedings and discussions. The summary report was finalised and distributed to symposium attendees in June 2017.


Summary report from the symposium on recertifying our oral health practitioners June 2017

Recertifying our oral health practitioners: Thinking about our future (Robin Whyman, Dental Council Chair)

Keynote address - What patients want: competent oral health therapists (Ron Paterson, Professor of Law, University of Auckland)

Keynote presentation - What patients want: competent oral health therapists (Ron Paterson, Professor of Law, University of Auckland)

Risk based health practitioner regulation in Australia (Paul Shinkfield - National Director, Strategy and Research, AHPRA)

Speaking notes, plenary session, David Crum, New Zealand Dental Association

Speaking notes, plenary session, Arish Naresh, New Zealand Dental & Oral Health Therapists' Association