Recertification review

We are reviewing the way we recertify our practitioners. We expect this process to take until early 2019. This page contains information on recertification, our review process, where we are at in the process and how you can get involved.

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Review background

Recertification is the system we use to confirm our practitioners are competent and fit to practise. It sits at the absolute heart of all we do.

We began a review of our system in 2015, and identified a number of issues and opportunities for improvement. We completed a literature review, which looked at local and international articles on recertification of health practitioners.

Read our literature review and see the research we looked at here.

Following this research and analysis phase, we held a symposium with key stakeholder organisations in March firstly to start a national conversation about the recertification of oral health practitioners and secondly to test the logic and thinking in a preliminary discussion document.

We invited policy-makers and representatives from DHBs and other parties with roles in health regulation, support and advocacy for oral health professions, as well as consumer advocacy.

Read about our symposium here.

The international research, our own research, and feedback from the symposium indicate very strongly that our recertification requirements are not working as well as they could.

Basically, we do not believe our current system gives us enough assurance we are protecting the health and safety of the public as well as we can do. We are now in the process of talking with our practitioners and other stakeholders about what they think of the system, its strengths and weaknesses and how we could improve it.

Timeline for review

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Timeline recertification project

Consultation phase 1

We are currently in the first phase of consultation on this review. This first round of consultation is all about learning how our practitioners see the system—what you see as its strengths and weaknesses and any ideas you have for improvement.

Using feedback from the symposium, we updated our discussion document and issued it for consultation on 27 June.

We really want you to get involved—we strongly encourage you to:

Forums and webinars

Between July and September we held ten forums throughout the country and two webinars. These forums were an opportunity for practitioners and other stakeholders to hear the Council's thinking on recertification, ask questions and provide feedback directly to Council members and staff. These were well attended and we received excellent feedback from attendees. Thank you to each and every person who attended a forum or webinar—we really appreciate your engagement and participation. 


If you have any queries about the recertification review, please get in touch